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*     Exim - an Internet mail transport agent    *

/* Copyright (c) University of Cambridge 1995 - 2003 */
/* See the file NOTICE for conditions of use and distribution. */

/* This file is the header that is the only Exim header to be included in the
source for the local_scan.c() function. It contains definitions that are made
available for use in that function, and which are documented. */

/* Some basic types that make some things easier, and the store functions. */

#include <sys/types.h>
#include "mytypes.h"
#include "store.h"

/* The function and its return codes. */

extern int local_scan(int, uschar **);

enum {
  LOCAL_SCAN_ACCEPT,              /* Accept */
  LOCAL_SCAN_ACCEPT_FREEZE,       /* Accept, but freeze */
  LOCAL_SCAN_ACCEPT_QUEUE,        /* Accept, but no immediate delivery */
  LOCAL_SCAN_REJECT,              /* Permanent rejection */
  LOCAL_SCAN_REJECT_NOLOGHDR,     /* Permanent rejection, no log header */
  LOCAL_SCAN_TEMPREJECT,          /* Temporary rejection */
  LOCAL_SCAN_TEMPREJECT_NOLOGHDR  /* Temporary rejection, no log header */

/* Return codes from the support functions lss_match_xxx(). */

#define  OK            0          /* Successful match */
#define  DEFER         1          /* Defer - some problem */
#define  FAIL          2          /* Matching failed */
#define  ERROR         3          /* Internal or config error */

/* Available logging destinations */

#define LOG_MAIN        1    /* Write to the main log */
#define LOG_PANIC       2    /* Write to the panic log */
#define LOG_REJECT     16    /* Write to the reject log, with headers */

/* Accessible debugging bits */

#define D_v                          0x00000001
#define D_local_scan                 0x00000002

/* Option types that can be used for local_scan_options. The boolean ones
MUST be last so that they are contiguous with the internal boolean specials. */

enum { opt_stringptr, opt_int, opt_octint, opt_mkint, opt_fixed, opt_time,
  opt_bool };

/* The length of message identification strings. This is the id used internally
by exim. The external version for use in Received: strings has a leading 'E'
added to ensure it starts with a letter. */


/* The offset to the start of the data in the data file - this allows for
the name of the data file to be present in the first line. */


/* local_scan() ABI version number for dynamic libraries
   The major number is increased when the ABI is changed in a non
   backward compatible way.
   The minor number is increased each time a new feature is added (in a
   way that doesn't break backward compatibility) -- Marc */

/* Structure definitions that are documented as visible in the function. */

typedef struct header_line {
  struct header_line *next;
  int    type;
  int    slen;
  uschar *text;
} header_line;

/* Entries in lists options are in this form. */

typedef struct {
  char   *name;
  int     type;
  void   *value;
} optionlist;

/*Structure for holding information about an envelope address. The errors_to
field is always NULL except for one_time aliases that had errors_to on the
routers that generated them. */

typedef struct recipient_item {
  uschar *address;              /* the recipient address */
  int     pno;                  /* parent number for "one_time" alias, or -1 */
  uschar *errors_to;            /* the errors_to address or NULL */
} recipient_item;

/* Global variables that are documented as visible in the function. */

extern unsigned int debug_selector;    /* Debugging bits */

extern uschar *expand_string_message;  /* Error info for failing expansion */
extern header_line *header_last;       /* Final header */
extern header_line *header_list;       /* First header */
extern BOOL    host_checking;          /* Set when checking a host */
extern uschar *interface_address;      /* Interface for incoming call */
extern int     interface_port;         /* Port number for incoming call */
extern uschar *message_id;             /* Internal id of message being handled */
extern uschar *received_protocol;      /* Name of incoming protocol */
extern int     recipients_count;       /* Number of recipients */
extern recipient_item *recipients_list;/* List of recipient addresses */
extern unsigned char *sender_address;  /* Sender address */
extern uschar *sender_host_address;    /* IP address of sender, as chars */
extern uschar *sender_host_authenticated; /* Name of authentication mechanism */
extern uschar *sender_host_name;       /* Host name from lookup */
extern int     sender_host_port;       /* Port number of sender */

/* Functions that are documented as visible in local_scan(). */

extern int     child_close(pid_t, int);
extern pid_t   child_open_exim(int *);
extern void    debug_printf(char *, ...) PRINTF_FUNCTION;
extern uschar *expand_string(uschar *);
extern void    header_add(int, char *, ...);
extern void    log_write(unsigned int, int, char *format, ...);
extern int     lss_b64decode(uschar *, uschar **);
extern uschar *lss_b64encode(uschar *, int);
extern int     lss_match_domain(uschar *, uschar *);
extern int     lss_match_local_part(uschar *, uschar *, BOOL);
extern int     lss_match_address(uschar *, uschar *, BOOL);
extern int     lss_match_host(uschar *, uschar *, uschar *);
extern void    receive_add_recipient(uschar *, int);
extern uschar *string_copy(uschar *);
extern uschar *string_copyn(uschar *, int);
extern uschar *string_sprintf(char *, ...);

/* End of local_scan.h */

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